Vickery Meadow Summer Reading Academy -  Of all holy works, the education of children is most holy*
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NOW Recruiting Tutors, Youth Leaders and Assistant Youth Leaders
for VMSRA 2017

Vickery Meadow Summer Reading Academy
July 5 thru August 3
Jack Lowe Elementary, 7000 Holly Hill
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays only
7am to 12noon
Email to volunteer

      Special thanks to DMN Education Reporter,         Holly Hacker

We enjoyed a splendid fall day during our first McShan Reading Homeroom Saturday School 
October 1st.  Take a peek, won't you?

We are grateful to each of you for your extraordinary underpinning of this valuable, collaborative effort among our many community partners in 2016.  
With your continued support and guidance, 
we look forward to an even greater VMSRA 2017! 

In the interim, come yourself, and please encourage your congregations, organizations and friends to join us at DISD's McShan Elementary, 8307 Meadow Road, for one-on-one refugee English tutoring starting September 6, 8am to 3pm Monday through Thursday each week during the coming school year.

Join US 
VMSRA 2017
Thursday July 5, 2017 (Set Up)
through Friday August 4, 2016 (Box Up)
 Jack Lowe Elementary 
7000 Holly Hill, Dallas
Classes Begin - Tuesday, July 11
 Classes End - Thursday, August 3

[Confession:  we goofed and did not take a 2016 group shot!  
Our group wouldn't fit on the staircase, anyway!]]

Youth Leaders 2014

The Vickery Meadow Summer Reading Academy (VMSRA) 
 instructs students during their traditional DISD Summer Break.
VMSRA brings together English reading and writing skills, and personal development in classroom discipline, independent work ethics, and self-confidence for good education.
Please register by going to our 
web page
Anissa Hodo, Joan Gremont, Caitlyn Hodo - Youth Leader of the Year 2015, Dalene Buhl

 We are a volunteer staff of youth and adults.

Our Mission is to further Vickery Meadow students’ English reading and writing skills, and personal development in classroom discipline, independent work ethics, and self-confidence.  

To make a donation to Vickery Meadow Summer Reading Academy, please visit, please enter Vickery Meadow Youth Development Foundation, then please hit the donation button. And THANK YOU!